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    Howdy there,

    Are you short on money, or do you desperately need some item?? And do you also want to get your personal buisiness going when you are offline? Then here is your solution!

    On Skyblock Phoenix we have installed shops, any user can create any amount of shops they want, its very simple to do. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create your own shops:

    Step 1: What are you going to buy/sell?
    As a first step you need to think about what you want to sell to users or what you want to buy from them, if you have chosen your item hold at least 1 of that item in your hand.
    Step 2: How many items should be transferred with each transaction?
    Do you want to buy/sell 1 item at a time or several stacks?? Store this number in your head or write it down for convenience.
    Step 3: How much money should 1 transfer cost/earn?
    This is short for: I want to sell ... (step 2) amount of items for $...
    In other words how much money should the customer pay/receive per transaction. This can be that your shop is BUY only or SELL only, but having a buy and a sell price is also perfectly fine.
    Step 4: Preparing the command.
    For a shop to be created you will need to type a command in chat, the syntax for that is:
    <amount> = Transfer Amount (Step 2)
    <buy-price> = The price the users pay for buying in your shop*
    <sell-price> = The price the users earn for selling in your shop**
    Execute the command.

    Step 5: Assigning a chest as functioning as a shop
    Right click a chest within 15 seconds after executing the command to assign the shop.

    * = If your shop is SELL ONLY put -1 as the <buy-price>
    **= If your shop is BUY ONLY put -1 as the <sell-price>

    Other handy things to know:
    Removing a shop:

    in chat and rightclick the shop you want to remove
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.